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1. Look for Twitter users in your niche:

The first thing you want to do is look for people to follow. To do that, you should go to the Twitter search feature at: Once there, what you need to do it type the specific keywords related to your niche market. Then when you get

results, all you do is just click on the users’ Twitter id’s and follow them. Some people have the “auto-follow” on, so they will

follow you back automatically and some people don’t.

Example: say you’re in the Golf niche market and you want to look for a Twitter increase facebook likes used in that market; you just type a specific

keyword within that niche market like “Callaway” (a golf brand) and then you will see the results. Now all you need to do is just

click on their usernames and follow them after you are redirected to their Twitter profile page.

One of the top Twitter directories is where you can search for Twitter followers by location or by hash tags (we will

discuss hash tags in a bit). All you need to do is look for tags that are related to your market and look for people, then follow

them on Twitter.

One more directory similar to is where you can search the entire directory based on different categories.

You just need to type the name of the category your market is in and apply the same thing as the other directories above.

Another great Twitter directory is allows you to search for users in your city or any other specific

area. This tool is great if you have an offline business and are looking for potential customers in a specific city or state, etc.



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